I feel like Human Design is Krystle’s first language, she understands it and speaks it so fluently.

She’s helped me unpack and understand so much about myself, like what type of environment/house I would thrive in, what inspires me, to the most productive working style, my energetic hygiene, why I have certain beliefs, my eating schedule, relationships, my triggers, tests… literally everything. She basically knows me better than I know myself! It’s amazing and mind blowing all at once.

I used to be overwhelmed and confused by Human Design, but Krystle knows how to articulate it in a way that makes sense and has a lasting impression.

Readings with Krystle on a regular basis have allowed me to transform and confidently claim my authentic voice in my life and business.

I think absolutely everyone, from kids to adults, should have Human Design readings with Krystle, I promise it will change your life!

Katie, Projector

Krystle  is a beautiful person and soul. She did a reading for me, and not only is she extremely knowledgeable when it comes to human design, she’s also incredibly intuitive and has a gift at thoroughly explaining it all. If you are looking for a down to earth explanation on who you really are…Krystle is your girl!

Meg, Manifesting Generator

Krystle has given me so much insight into my life. She definitely has the gift to accurately read your HD chart and help you understand what it says. She is able to help you clearly see and share It with you. In a way that gives you permission to be yourself. It’s been so inspiring and freeing to be me. I highly recommend everyone taking the time to get to know yourself and Krystle is an awesome resource. Many thanks to her! 

Ariel, Projector

Krystle is incredible. Her energy, her calmness, and her understanding of human design is the exact blend of what I was looking for. Her reading felt right. It guided me while offering me the courage to follow my path. I’m still on my way, but l feel my direction is where I’m supposed to be. Highly recommended!!

Leila, Manifesting Generator

I had been familiar with the basic premise of human design for a while and wanted to learn more about my chart but trying to figure it out for myself felt overwhelming and confusing. When speaking with Krystle, I was impressed with her in-depth grasp of HD but even more so with her passion for it, and knew I had to do a session with her. I am so glad I made this decision! I learned so much during my time with Krystle and it was super impactful. She presented info in a way that was easy to understand – which finally made all of these concepts click for me. I couldn’t believe how spot on everything was – it was like she knew every aspect of my being! It was great to be able to look at actionable ways to leverage all of these things. If you’re interested in learning about human design and how to live in better alignment I highly recommend a session with Krystle!

Lindsay, Manifesting Generator

Prior to my time with Krystle, I had limited knowledge of Human Design. Yet I have always felt like there was a greater truth to it all. Throughout my life there have been some unforeseen forces that seemed to be pushing and pulling me. It seems like my journey was some complicated mathematical equation. Human Design helps us understand our equation (and all it’s variables), but more importantly how to “balance” that equation. Krystle helped me see where I was out of balance and gave me great suggestions on how to realign with my true sense of self and my divine purpose.  

Krystle is very knowledgeable and has a great way of tying all the information together and applying it to your specific design.  Her interpretations are spot on and very insightful. She is very passionate about her work and takes a genuine interest in you. She will not lose your attention.  Your mind will be blown as you wonder how is possible for Krystle to know all these little nuances about me, and how I have been operating my entire life. It’s Human Design, and Krystle may have some keys for you to help unlock the doors to your higher purpose.

You will enjoy her discussions, and will walk away lighter, encouraged and inspired to learn more.

Dave, Manifesting Generator
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